Demo SLiPLiFT®

Demo SLiPLiFT® Traveler (FOLDABLE)

The SLiPLiFT® Operation Manual

1: Sit on a chair and place the SLiPliFT® on your lap with the handles facing towards you.

2: Attach your underwear to the required size.S-M-L XL-XXL-XXXL

3: Bring the SLiPliFT® and the attached underwear to your feet at an angle of +/- 45º

4: Slip your feet Through your underwear.

5: Pull the SLiPliFT® over your knees.

6: Remove the underwear from the SLiPliFT® and place around your knees.

7: Bring the SLiPliFT® down.

8: Leave it rest on the ground.

9: Remove your feet from the SLiPliFT®

10: Stand up and pull up your underwear.

The SLiPLiFT®Traveler Operation Manual






How to Order The SLiPLiFT® ?

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We will then send you as quickly as possible a confirmation with the present prices.
The delivery will follow as soon as possible in optimal security conditions. For example: by Taxipost or
by Packet Service. These transportationcosts are always charged on the expense of the customer.

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